Rooses in Missouri

Laura and Aaron moved from Branson to Kansas City in August 2007. Aaron has been accepted at UMKC to get his MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Technical Direction (TD).  They found great house very close to KC's Country Club Plaza and the Art Museuem, only 40 minutes from Lynette and Dale and a mile from the campus.


BUT, finding jobs to fund going back to school, they got hired to go on the road, again. This time they are the Midwest Jager-bus team - driving a 43' motorhome across Middle America, for the company that imports Jagermeister!


That's Dale beside the bus

And yes, Laura also drives!


So if there's a Jagermeister sponsored event (World's Toughest Rodeo, Jager Music Tour, big football game) - look for the big black bus. You might get a free t-shirt.



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