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The first apple core was inspired by a Kansas City Polymer Clay Guild "Fortune Cookie Challenge". My fortune read: "Innocence and time, once lost, may never be regained."



The process of creating a necklace for that challenge led to thinking about innocence, time and the symbols we use to  express things.

Time was easy, if trite: watch parts.  Innocence Lost took longer, but led me to the Garden of Eden and Adam's fall by eating an apple.


May 2008 I visited New Orleans for the first time and caught this image on a street corner of the French shows I've got the apple cores nearly accurate....but maybe not quite brown enough.







 My finished challenge piece incorporates hammered steel wire, bits of old watches and polymer clay in an interesting piece that not many poeple would wear - me included. However, apple cores were born.



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Insects/Small Creatures Challenge

The KC Polymer Clay Guild's July 2008 challenge  first made me think "faeries" - so that became my "small creature. See my process and the resulting faerie here. Site Faerie Page.

Found Object Challenge


A found object challenge by the Bead Society of Kansas City started with everyone receiving a real Poker Chip - and the challenge to add beads and 4 more found objects to create...something.


Poker Chip Challenge