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To understand my art, know these things about me:

  • I'm likely ADD, more likely ADDED (Attention Deficit Disorder Extra Distract-able.
  • I never throw away old jewelry, beads, ephemera, wire, ribbon, fabric, leather or tools. (I really do still have stuff acquired in grade school - that's more than several decades of collecting and extends to boxes and magazines, but only the useful ones.)
  • Anything with a hole in it is a bead - including food or a rusty bit found in a parking lot. (Actually, a hole isn't even really required, thanks to wire, glue, bezels and a growing list of tools.)
  • If you can poke a needle or a wire into something, you can put beads on it. (The tactile nature of beads is much of the fun.)
  • The sparklier, the better -- If I was a bird, I'd be a crow. (Except that I'd really like to have male peacock feathers!) But don't ask me to choose between shiny and rusty....
  • One of the best things about my art is the tools I get to use.  (From my dad's old hammer to my bench grinder and torches, my tools are my friends... sentimental, useful, faithful....and I am eager for more.)
  • People remark about my creativity, but I think my strongest gift is problem solving and learning new things.

Unlike many artists, most of my art is made for the simple joy of the creative process. (And my muse works best with an imposed deadline.) While I'm certainly inspired by everything I see, I'm not very deep - my jewelry is not talismanic, carries no special  meaning or message.  After trying to make things I hoped people would buy, I have decided to just make what I like, and see who else does too.



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